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Orthodontics for children



For children, Orthodontics is carried out using mechanisms, movable or immobile, that complement the braces or work on their own.
Moving Mechanisms
These machines come in and out of the patient's mouth at will. They are mostly used in younger ages.
  • Delaire Mask
    Cases of hypoplasia or posterior position.
  • Extractural Bow.
    It reduces the position of the upper teeth and creates spaces in the upper dental arch

  • Bottom jaw pre-engagement mechanism
    Apoplastic jaw, or when the mandibular position is behind the normal jaw.
  • Upper jaw augmentation mechanism
    Cases of narrow upper dental arc.
  • Restraining Mechanisms
    Retaining effect at the end of orthodontic treatment

Stationary Mechansims
  • Lip Bumper: It is used to create space in the lower dental arc.
  • Tongue Arc: It keeps the space regaining in the lower dental arc during the mixed teeth.
  • Space retention mechanism: It keeps space in the mixed teeth
  • Rapid enlargement of the jaw: It is used to enlarge the maxilla during the mixed or permanent teeth.


Metalic Braces
We are talking about the classic metal braces selected for children due to the many advantages of the material (stainless steel). They are more small and distinct than in the past, they accept a change in the color of their ligaments, making the treatment welcoming to the children's eyes.

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